About Us


New Song Launch - January 1, 1996
Exited Brethren in Christ denomination - 2001

Begun in 1996, as a church planting from Mechanicsburg Brethren In Christ Church, New Song initially met corporately at various sites including a school, church buildings, a home and a flea market before settling into the vision of being a church that reaches the Silver Spring Township through small groups.


What kind of Church are you?
We are a non-denominational Christian church that is a church of small groups, not a church with small groups. We seek to assist one another to understand, believe in, and practice the truths of God as revealed in the Bible and to speak those truths in love to one another in order to mature up into Jesus Christ.

What is a small group?
The DNA of each group is to open their home, their hearts, and be open to the Holy Spirit. It usually consists of up to 12 or so adult believers and their children as led by a pastoral couple/persons who meet with, minister to, and motivate one another towards love and NewSong deeds in Christ. It is the church in microcosm. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

What do you do in your small groups?
Each group usually combines elements/activities of the worship of God through music and song, grow in the knowledge of Him through the study of His Word (the Bible), minister to one another through gifts of the Holy Spirit and the words of our testimonies, and fellowship with God and one another.

Do you ever all meet together?
We consider each group to be an interdependent, autonomous, fully functioning church. Our picture is that each group is a ship that is part of a New Song flotilla of ships moving together by the wind of the power of the Spirit in one accord in an ongoing revelation of Jesus Christ.

Do you have a youth group?
We do not have a group just for youth, seeking to involve them in our intergenerational groups. We have undertaken a youth team approach involving parents/family, small groups and their leaders, one to one mentoring (Timothy and Lydia), and occassional meetings with other youths and their mentors.

What about Evangelism?
Rather than programs or outreach we seek to encourage one another to live out our faith in Christ in every day life activities and to be ready to give an answer for the hope of God in us through faith in Jesus Christ while acting as ambassadors of God to the world around us ( 2nd Corinthians 5:19-20)